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The history...

Back in 2010, a local Wilmington resident with a penchant for craft beer decided to put together a beer festival to highlight the many blossoming micro-breweries in Wilmington and the Cape Fear area. What started as an ambitious idea following a few rounds of local craft beer has evolved into the premier beer festival in Wilmington, going on a decade. 

Every year is a learning experience, and we take the feedback and suggestions from you, the attendees, to the make the next year better than the last. The festival brings together local residents (that are 21 and older) and local craft brewers for a day of fun and entertainment while highlighting the ever-expanding craft brewing culture in the Cape Fear region. With over 100 local and regional beers and wines to taste, it's the perfect opportunity to indulge yourself in the Cape Fear craft beer brewing and winery culture.

From the beginning, the goal was to bring together the community, giving local brewers a chance to highlight their craft, and local residents a chance to taste a variety of local beers all in one place. The sense of community has been very important to us from the beginning, and each year we partner with a local non-profit organization to highlight the work they perform in the community. A portion of the festival proceeds will also go to the partner non-profit organization. Prior non-profit partners include the Wilmington Downtown Initiative and Bravo Alpha Foundation. This year we are teaming with the folks at the Wilmington Chamber of Commerce.  With the appropriate membership and support through benefits like this the Chamber's leadership can continue their focus on lobbying, community improvement and economic development, made that much harder in the wake of Hurricane Florence.

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